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EduCloud Scholarship- Helping to fullfill your dreams


"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it."
— Marian Wright Edelman

Backed by educloud CSR wing and supportive community and genrous peolpe who bealive in entire grouth of huminity and student and educational fertanity , educloud is able to offer students a variety of scholarships .

1. Merit Scholarship

This is grants and awards for international students directly on the basis of academic merit. though a merit scholarship can mean anything that has some level of contest to it.

2. Single parent scholarships

Single Parent Scholarships (SPSF) are given to low-income single parents who are pursuing post-secondary education in preparation for skilled employment

3. Scholarships for Women

As with the scholarships for minorities above, there are also scholarships specifically for women. Since colleges were dominated by men for many years, scholarships have been created for strong, career-minded women that need assistance paying for college expenses

4. Community Service Scholarships

Community service scholarships are fantastic for those that love to give to others and give back to their communities. If you already perform a lot of community service, then a scholarship in this vein may be perfect for you

5. Low economic student scholarships

This open doors for students from low-income families, by providing financial aid for those who need it most.

Due to differing requirements, expectations, and award amounts, please contact the educloud csr wing for more specific information with regard to a particular scholarship. By signing and accepting a scholarship, you are entering into a contract. Make sure you understand your responsibilities before you sign your scholarship.