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The higher educational sector globally is more competitive than it has ever been. Educational establishments are under closer scrutiny than ever before, budgets are tight, job markets are enormously competitive and students are becoming increasingly discerning in the establishments and courses they choose. Further to all this common problems universities have to face another challenge due to the cut in the grants by the government.

Against this background, the need for schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations to carry out market research and keep a close check on internal and external offerings is self-evident. Some of the questions that might need answering include:

  • Why do student applicants choose one establishment over another?
  • How satisfied are students with what you offer? How is this changing over time?
  • Could you be doing more to improve your student education or welfare?
  • Are you taking care of all of the needs of today diverse and international student populations?
  • Which qualifications are needed in the future and how can you offer these?
  • What external factors are shaping the sector and will become matters of concern for the future?
  • Where are the business opportunities outside the University?

We at Educloud conduct market research studies across the globe that will help universities in planning their operations and in developing new educational opportunities in South East Asia. We combine our valuable research with strategic advice from our experienced professionals to deliver effective solutions. For more information on how we can help you, contact our Education Research Team at