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kazakhstanWhether you are visiting the ninth largest country in the world for business or pleasure, you're sure to have an interesting and enjoyable stay. Kazakhstan is a growing, modern country that is rich in cultural, natural and economic resources. It's major cities are filled with cutting edge architecture, internationally renowned university and the many of them are with young entrepreneurs to take advantage of the country's independence to start businesses in education and technology , and strive for innovation. Kazakhstan's beautiful and vast natural steppes are also filled with ancient cultural attractions, hiking, skiing and other outdoor opportunities. And after long days of business or pleasure, a lively night life scene awaits.

Education System

Primary Education-Schooling is mandatory in Kazakhstan and this reflects in a national literacy rate of over 99%. The 5 grades of primary school begin at age 6. Two groups of children attend morning and afternoon shifts respectively per school, in order to share facilities. The ministry of education prescribes the curriculum, and this applies to both private and public schools.

Middle Education-Students continue with their education program at lower secondary school for 4 years through to grade 9. A general academic curriculum includes Russian or Kazach depending on location, plus biology, chemistry, history, mathematics, physics, and a foreign language.

Secondary Education-There are three options for the concluding 3 years at secondary school. These include general education at a lyceum or gymnasium, vocational education at a professional lyceum or vocational school, and professional education at a professional college. Education costs continue to be largely funded by the state.

Vocational Education-An ad-hoc training company is being established to oversee the development of vocational training in Kazakhstan through an unfolding network of institutions to complement current structures. It is intended that this become a kingpin in the nation’s emerging industrialization program.

Tertiary Education-A variety of tertiary institutions attend to Kazakhstan’s higher education needs, including universities, academies, institutes, higher schools and colleges, and conservatories. Secondary school teachers complete 5-year specialist diplomas at university too. The nations 2 top universities are al-Farabi Kazakh National University in Almaty and Eurasian National University located in Astana. Of these, the former is the oldest, having been originally established in 1933 under a different name. It has over 20,000 enrolled students supported by 2,500 faculty staff, and has embarked on an ambitious expansion program.

why kazhakhstan?

Though studying in Kazakhstan may not be an immediate choice for all, Kazakhstan’s universities are certainly growing in quality, international reputation, and diversity.Top takes a look at how Kazakhstan plans to become a regional study hub for Central Asia, and what potential students need to know. The largest and wealthiest of the countries nicknamed the ‘Stans’, Kazakhstan has long been an ethnically diverse country; in the 2009 census, only 63% of residents were Kazakhs. International collaborations and exchanges are playing a key role in Kazakhstan’s scheme to develop its higher education sector. Already the government says there are around 50,000 foreign students from 43 countries studying at Kazakh universities – from nations including China, Pakistan, France, the USA, Greece, Palestine and Syria. Following a huge drive to boost research and innovation, Kazakhstan now boasts nine technology parks, five national laboratories and 15 regional laboratories. Key focus areas identified by the Supreme Science and Education Commission include energy efficiency, life sciences, and information and telecommunication technologies. Among the country’s flagship innovation centres is the new Nazarbayev University, which opened in capital city Astana in 2010. The university’s courses are being developed and delivered with support from a number of world-leading institutes from other countries, including University College London in the UK, the National University of Singapore, and the US’s Duke University, Carnegie Mellon and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

visa process

1. If you apply for a private visa for more than one month, an original invitation letter issued by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan is required. Your relatives or friends in Kazakhstan can obtain invitation from the local authorities of MIA and send it to your address in the Belgium. The period of stay in Kazakhstan is shown in a separate paragraph and must not exceed 90 days. 2. Completed visa application form (one per person). 3. A valid passport (and photocopy of it) which should have at least one blank page for a visa. Your passport must be valid for at least six months longer than the validity of the requested visa. 4. One passport size photo of the applicant which should be stapled to the marked space in the upper right-hand corner of the application form. 5. Payment should be done by bank transfer (no cash). 6. Applications must be lodged in person by the applicant. Proxy and Postal applications will not be accepted. Note: Applicants who are applying for their minor children must present additionally: - a letter with a request to issue a visa addressed to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Kazakhstan. Please indicate the purpose of your trip, your contacts in Kazakhstan including their name and address, the dates of your planned trip, and places to be visited; - a copy of the parents' passports; - a copy of the child's birth certificate; - a letter from on of the child's parents stating non-objection to the child's other parent taking him or her to Kazakhstan. EXPENSES-universities are affordable and tuition fees usually ranges from $4000 to $5000. Cost of living is equally low, estimated at $150 per month which covers the cost of accommodation, food, books etc. So if you cannot afford the huge tuition in places like the UK, US, Netherlands etc, why not make up your mind to study in kazhakhstan . Some universities in kazhakhstan have English medium courses for international students who do not understand the Russian language., next section is comprehensive list of medical universities for the benefit of those who may want to study medicine, Pharmacy, dentistry or any other medical related program in kazhakhstan

University list

1  L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University Astana
2  KIMEP University Almaty
3  Kostanay State University Kostanai
4  Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Almaty
5  Karaganda State University Karaganda
6  Kazakh-British Technical University Almaty
7  Kazakh National Agricultural University Almaty
8  Kazakh National Technical University Almaty
9  Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute Arkalyk
10  Kazakh State Teacher Training University Almaty
11  Karaganda University of Economics Karaganda ...
12  Kazakh National Pedagogical University Almaty
13  Karaganda State Technical University Karaganda
14  East-Kazakhstan State University Ust-Kamenogorsk
15  S. Seifullin Kazakh Agro Technical University Astana ...
16  Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi Kaskelen ...
17  Almaty Technological University Almaty
18  North Kazakhstan State University Petropavlovsk
19  Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan Astana
20  Kokshetau University named after A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau
21  East-Kazakhstan State Technical University Ust-Kamenogorsk
22  Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute Pavlodar
23  Deutsch-Kasachische Universität Almaty
24  Pavlodar State University Pavlodar
25  Taraz State Pedagogical Institute Taraz
26  South Kazakhstan State University Shymkent
27  Kazakh National Medical University Almaty
28  Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications Almaty
29  Nazarbayev University Astana
30  International Academy of Business Almaty
31  Kazakh Economics University Almaty
32  Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism Almaty
33  Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages Almaty
34  Kazakhstan Engineering-Technological University Almaty
35  Eurasian Institute for the Humanities Astana
36  Taraz State University Taraz ...
37  Rudny Industrial Institute Rudny ...
38  University of International Business Almaty
39  Semipalatinsk State Medical University Semey
40  Innovative University of Eurasia Pavlodar ...
41  Kazakh-American Free University Ust-Kamenogorsk
42  Kazakh National Academy of Arts Almaty
43  Kazakh University of Economics, Finance and International Trade Astana
44  International Kazakh-Turkish University Turkestan
45  Kazakh Humanities and Law University Astana
46  Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication Almaty
47  Kazakh National Conservatory Almaty
48  Kazakh-American University Almaty
49  Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering Almaty
50  Karaganda State Medical University Karaganda
51  Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics Almaty
52  Astana Medical University Astana
53  Kokshetau State University Kokshetau
54  Karaganda State Industrial University Temirtau
55  West Kazakhstan Agro-Technical University Oral
56  Kostanay Social-Technical University Kostanai
57  Atyrau State University Atyrau
58  Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas Atyrau
59  Semipalatinsk State University Semey
60  Kyzylorda State University Kyzylorda
61  Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute Kostanai
62  University of Foreign Languages and Business Career Almaty
63  Kostanay Engineering-Pedagogical University Kostanai
64  Caspian State University of Technologies and Engineering Aktau
65  Kazakh-Russian International University Aktobe
66  Turan-Astana University Astana
67  D.A. Kunayev University Almaty
68  Zhetysu State University Taldykorgan
69  West Kazakhstan State University Uralsk
70  South-Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy Shymkent
71  Zhezkazgan University Zezkazgan
72  Eurasian Institute of Market Almaty
73  Kazakh-Russian University Astana
74  Almaty Humanitarian Technical University Almaty
75  Aktobe State University Aktobe
76  Caspian Social University Almaty
77  Karaganda University Bolashak Karaganda
78  Kazak Academy of Labour and Social Relations Almaty
79  Kazakh University of Railway Almaty
80  Kazakh University Alatau Almaty
81  Kainar University Almaty
82  Turan University Almaty
83  West Kazakhstan State Medical University Aktobe
84  Kazakh National University of Arts Astana
85  Kokshetau Institute Economics and Management Kokshetau
86  Central Kazakhstan University Karaganda
87  Kazakhstan-Russian Medical University Almaty
88  West Kazakhstan Engineering-Humanitarian University Uralsk
89  Zhambyl Humanitarian-Technical University Taraz
90  Kokshe Academy Kokshetau