Admission In Medical College

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    Note To Students

    We had ambitions to offer something which would help our students in achieving their academic goals. Over the years, our original material has been extensively revised and broadened. We firmly believe that our course contains the best preparation material and methods.


    EDU CLOUD is a career launching institute devoted to training individual aspiring to study and work abroad. EDU CLOUD imparts training and guidance to right approach for GRE / GMAT / SAT / IELTS / TOEFL / PTE-A.

    Counselling Services

    We offer non biased career counselling services to budding aspirants to meet their career goals. Our experienced and well informed counsellor`s leaves no stone unturned while guiding the best path.

    Admission Counselling

    Selecting the appropriate course is the most important step for a successful career. We at EDU CLOUD always try to recommend the right course for you through our extensive counselling sessions.

    Visa Assistance

    At EDU CLOUD we know the complexities of Visa process therefore we make sure that all documents are in place and in proper format; that you are well prepared for the interview (in case of some countries).

    Other Services

    We offer guidance for multiple services like Bank Loan Assistance, Predeparture Briefing, Currency Exchange, Travel Tickteing, Airport Pick-up etc.