Admission In Medical College

Exchange Program

Through the International Exchange Program, you can study overseas and enhance your Sydney course with an international perspective, gaining a broader view of the world and of a new perspective OF DIFFERENT COUNTRY it shows improved their career prospects, showing employers the advantage of the generic skills gained whilst living abroad, such as independence, improved communication and negotiation skills. And you develop all these skills, whilst you have a blast, travelling and exploring the world!

To be an exchange student, candidates must be officially nominated by their home institution and pay the tuition fee to the educloud. On-campus housing is provided and fees for taking travelling and will be partially supported.

Our services for the Study Abroad Program include:

  • Identifying the potential course and university as per your requirements
  • Negotiating with the universities
  • Assistance in establishing long term relationship with the universities
  • Assisting our students in securing visa
  • Assistance with pre-departure services such as foreign exchange, insurance, travel arrangements etc.
  • Assistance in post landing services such as airport pick up, accommodation arrangements etc.

Whether you are a small, medium or big institution, EDUCLOUD will be able to assist you in finding the right University/College meeting your requirements.